A gentle reminder

Its snowing where we live in North Ontario, fat soft flakes and like Neil Young's song we are helpless over what arrives, but in a good way.

Winter wonderland reminds me that we can wave our internal white wand and see only the best in people, including ourselves.

As the holiday season approaches, my wish for everyone is to take the time to look in someone’s eyes, see the beauty, forgive any projections and express your love.  

Blessings to all, Angela


Do you  indulge in it, over buy, over eat and after it is over, feel remorse? Do you try to ignore it, tell yourself its only one day, and will be over soon? Whatever your experience, Christmas is. Yes its commercialized, and we might put emphasis on the wrong things, but haven't you experienced something mystical at work? A feeling of sacred peace, a reaching out beyond habitual limits?

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Do you ever wonder about the word Home? Are there some places you feel more at home than others?  Recently I left a five month sojourn in Mexico to return to Canada where I'm struggling to adjust to my "home and nativie land." which does not feel so homey anymore. It started at athe airport, where I was charged an entry fee for inspection of my cat - but no inspection ensued, only the fee. 

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Spring is the season of hope. Lime green grass, chartreuse tree buds, and flowers bursting out with fresh and glistening petals. Brilliant sunlight. Those muddy winter scales covering my eyes have fallen off and I see nature’s beauty everywhere. Do you remember what it was like when you were a child and spring would arrive?

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About Me.

I've been writing and giving seminars since childhood. At six I had my younger brother perform plays I'd written, bribing him with candy and favors, then I'd critique his performance. Later my style became gentler, more compassionate. Being a survivor of the school of  hard knocks, I wanted to encourage others, so taught English and Drama to high school kids at risk. In the late '80's I started my own company, Angela Jackson Seminars, giving workshops on conflict, stress, and communication skills. I'd developed amazingly effective tools to deal with anger and wanted everyone to have them, so I wrote a book, Celebrating Anger, which became a Canadian Best Seller.

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