About Me.

I've been writing and giving seminars since childhood. At six I had my younger brother perform plays I'd written, bribing him with candy and favors, then I'd critique his performance. Later my style became gentler, more compassionate. Being a survivor of the school of  hard knocks, I wanted to encourage others, so taught English and Drama to high school kids at risk. In the late '80's I started my own company, Angela Jackson Seminars, giving workshops on conflict, stress, and communication skills. I'd developed amazingly effective tools to deal with anger and wanted everyone to have them, so I wrote a book, Celebrating Anger, which became a Canadian Best Seller.

I was asked to give a Key-note talk, and this terrified me. It was like walking the tightrope. With help and encouragement, I conquered my fear, and began to enjoy giving presentations. I still give seminars and talks, and I write. On scraps of paper, in notebooks, and in print. Writing is a big part of who I am.

I wrote another book, Celebrate Life - Create the Life you Love to Live, and this book represents my philosophy. I love life. With all its radiant colors and hues. I get inspired through music, art, dancing, theatre, reading, and most of all, people. Life's Jewels.

These days I'm in the process of  writing a novel, All That Glitters, about an older woman who finds love with a younger man, then descends into the hell of addiction. I won't reveal the ending.

I want this blog to be a place where people can share insights and ideas, despair and fears, joys and triumphs. I'll post articles and thoughts and hope you'll respond. So now it's your turn. What about you?