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Your dynamic style, your warmth and genuine interest in all our participants made our corporate event memorable and meaningful.
— Aubrey LeBlanc, CEO, New Home Warranty Program
Although there were 1000 people present, I felt like a guest in your living room!
— Barbara Dyszuk, KW Counseling Services Inc.
Your presentation came off smoothly and flawlessly. It was fun, interesting, and informative and kept everyone’s attention!
— Laura Macdougall, Patheon Inc.
Your session was very well received, as expected. You, Marianne Williamson and John Gray were the only speakers to receive a standing ovation and you were the only Canadian speaker to do so.
— Liz Davey, H.R.P.A.O

Could your group do with some heart-centered inspiration, tips/strategies?  

Are you planning a schedule of speakers for your regular group meetings?

Does your event need a dose of heart-centered sanity saving strategies and do-able techniques to inspire them? 

Would your long-time employees and new trainee’s benefit from practical, connect-the-dots workshops on how to communicate with heart, resolve conflicts, or give powerful presentations?

Are you a group of creative entrepreneurs who struggle with poverty consciousness?

Known for providing high-value talks which educate, energize and motivate the audience members to move forward,  Angela will offer your group essential stragegies so they can claim their title as a Celebrate Life graduate.


This presentation inspires participants to turn anger into creative energy! Using her popular "Name it, Claim it and Change it" method, Angela gets people actively involved and prepared to handle anger in a new and rewarding manner.


Design the life you love to live. Turn challenges into opportunities and create a joyous and rewarding lifestyle.


Relationships can be a burden or the best part of our lives, it’s all about perception. This program offers 8 strategies to create harmony, have more fun, develop deeper intimacy and nurture the best in others.



Practical solutions so participants can be in a state of "dazzle" no matter what else is going on. Full of practical tools for balancing home, work and family, this interactive program transforms stress into creative energy.


How to ignite passion, deepen purpose and put pizzazz into your life. How to create an environment that energizes and inspires us to be our best.


Imagine you have just finished your presentation and it was a big success! It will be when you learn our powerful program!

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Your session was very uplifting and provided three key concepts for our staff to infuse our workplace with enthusiasm. You have a wonderful rapport with your audience and you were very successful in getting them to laugh at themselves. Your energy is positively contagious!
— Jill Leedham, St Peter’s Hospital