Do you ever stop to think about the miracles you experience on a daily basis? Starting with waking up in the morning? Lately I’ve been cultivating a sense of wonder and it has changed my life. I’m working and living with a renewed sense of curiosity and its put spring into my step and hope in my heart, despite living in a time of Covid. My passion is to help others, so I thought I’d to reach out to you and offer a couple of ideas.

Before you get out of bed, think of 5 things you are grateful for. Every day. Start small, like the bed you are lying on and the rest will come. Make it a habit and watch what happens. Then, as you go through your day, stop for a minute and look outside or even better, go for a walk. Notice the color of the leaves, the soft rain that falls, how clouds gather, the brilliant blue sky, perhaps a lone bird. Take in what you see with a deep breath.

Next, consider your body, how it keeps on functioning every single day. Isn’t that miraculous. Can you marvel at the sheer miracle of being alive? That you can think and feel and hear and see and talk and listen and move around? Because these truly are reasons to marvel. Consider this. Your life is a miracle. You are fortunate to be alive this very minute, so don’t take it for granted. Cultivate a sense of wonder and take it with you, then watch the miracles unfold.


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