Here we go again!

Another lock down, just in time for the holidays. What could be worse, you may be saying. I mean, we’ve been practicing social distancing since March and Christmas and Chanukah are just around the corner. We’ve done staycations, we’ve cut down our shopping and parties are a thing of the past, so what do they want, blood? Maybe, just not ours. Of course we understand the government crack-down, but the reality of more isolation sits heavily. So what can we do? Here’s a few suggestions.

Write and send Christmas Cards, the lost art of connecting through mail. Maybe you can create your own, and get your kids or partner to help.

Think up a new game, one that has never been played before, then play it. If you like it, share it on-line with friends.

Give your loved ones the gift of touch, like a head or foot or shoulder massage, they’ll love it. Maybe even…

Hit your favorite cookbooks and bake Christmas goodies then drive and drop them off, just like the curbside folks do.

Shop early in the morning and remember… less really is more. Less hype, more quality, more love, more kindness, more peace.

Here we go again!

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