WHERE’S THE FOCUS? Everyday I receive emails from people wanting to sell me their programs. The come-on is always the same––A three-to-five-day event in which I’ll learn amazing things I hadn’t thought I needed. The first part is free, but I’ll be able to upgrade to a $47.00 VIP program which gives me access to recordings and magic formulas. Plus, I can sign up for the $10,000 program itself, from which I’ll become an amazing coach, (I already am) or a best-selling author (I already am), a happiness guru (need some work here) and a spiritual giant!!!

            I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the hype. What I’d like to receive in my inbox is reminders of how we can heal the planet and help those in need. How we can recognize people who are doing their best everyday to curb the pandemic. And how to survive covid fatigue––not the actual virus, but the fallout of despair.            

          Many of us are focusing on when the pandemic will end and what will happen when it does, but if we focus on what we don’t know or don’t have, our minds seize and we forget all the things we do have, like life, for starters. And spring–– Birds, flowers, rain, sunshine, people walking, dogs running and the beautiful moments that color our days. The many gifts from being truly present and staying thankful for what we do have, so we can celebrate the grass growing green, the buds opening on trees and the sweet trilling of birds.

Viva Now!


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